Monday, January 13, 2014

Las Vegas Trade Show Models

Why Las Vegas Trade Show Models

When I speak of "Las Vegas Trade Show Models" I am speaking of all modeling genres. I just use this term because there is a ton of work for models at the trade shows here in Vegas at the LV convention center or at the Sands convention center etc etc...

So, I want to just list the different model types that are usually called for here in Vegas, and you should be able to see why they are beneficial to any and/or all trade shows or trade show booths.

Las vegas trade show models

Atmosphere model

An atmosphere model is hired to entertain and obviously bring the life to the party, event, or trade show booth. Typically they are hired to just hand out trying to create some sort of scene of extravagance, and bring attention to your business, or just your person. They are usually full of life and are more than willing to attract the attention needed to your table/booth at the nightclub, be a sexy conversationalist at a corporate event, or just hang out as eye candy.

Las Vegas Trade Show Model

A Las Vegas Trade Show MOdel can draw attendees into the booth, engage them, and then solicit post engagement for after show meetings with your company. How is that for a sales funnel?

Trade Sow Models Las Vegas

Promotional Model

Promotional models will drive consumer demand for your product, service, brand, or concept by directly interacting with potential consumers. Those sort of interactions with potential clients should be informative and representative of your product or service.

Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors should act as the pretty face of your company by embodying your image in appearance, demeanor, and values.

Host/Hostess and Greeter

This might be the first impression for your client. At this time you for sure need the host or hostess with the mostess. Even though you might or your company people are busy helping or negotiating with other clients during your trade show, you want this person to look and be first class to make the most out of this integral moment.

Product Demonstrator

Product demonstrators are able to learn everything about what you are selling, and demonstrate it with precision as well as giving a proper explanation of the product. Mostly in Vegas this will include beer, wine, and/or spirits demonstrations among others.

So next time you are looking for Las Vegas Trade Show Models you might have a better idea of what to look for.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Party Entertainment Ideas for Every Business Occasion

Corporate Event Ideas
Having a tough time coming up with corporate party entertainment ideas for a company event, conference or corporate party?  Any party can be a success when you offer up a few delectable dishes, entertainment that truly is entertaining and perhaps a variety of adult beverages. 

Whether your party, conference or event involves staff members only or employees and guests, there are a few company party ideas that are suitable in almost any situation.  If you're looking for a few winning company events ideas, here are some great suggestions! 

Potluck dinner and music on the grounds.  There's always plenty of delicious foods when everyone on the staff brings along a dish. Enjoy a casual event that's unstructured; everyone can enjoy visiting around while the band performs some of those "oldies but goodies" rock tunes from the 70s and 80s.

Holiday parties.  With the holidays in full swing, you may be looking more for holiday company party ideas.  A dinner catered by one of the five-star restaurants in town is a great start!  Add in some soft music by artists who bring to mind those soothing crooners of the 50s, some jazz or even a string quartet.  Before you choose the music, though, consider your audience, their cultures or ethnicities.

Corporate Party Entertainment Ideas
Make your company's business conference anything but boring!  We all know that conferences can often put the audience to sleep - and most are anything but invigorating or exciting.  Change things up a bit this time. 

There are lots of conference entertainment ideas, but here's one you'll enjoy:  Depending upon the length of the conference, offer up plenty of breaks, snacks and entertainment.  If your conference will last an entire day, break it up and let the attendees relax with a little humor, an illusionist, or an impersonator.  Bring in coffee, soft drinks, a few snacks - or better yet, have a special room set up where those in attendance can enjoy the entertainment and snacks away from the business environment. 

Consider a catered picnic to show appreciation to employees.  Many companies today celebrate "employee appreciation day," so why not make it an event your employees will not soon forget?  In spring months when the weather is beautiful, consider an outdoor picnic complete with catered food like barbecue.  Everyone loves music, but you can shake things up a bit by adding an impersonator or even a live deejay to spin everyone's favorite tunes and make announcements.

It's really easy to come up with great party entertainment ideas; after all, who doesn't love some sort of music, comedy, talented illusionists who leave them wondering how in the world they could do that, or impersonators so much like the real artists it's almost impossible to tell the difference?  Hopefully these company and conference entertainment and party ideas will give you a new perspective on how to bring fun and a good time to any event.

When having your next event in Las Vegas please consider Ents LLC for Las Vegas Corporate Entertainment.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Las Vegas Wedding Music Makes Your Special Day Even More Memorable

Las Vegas Wedding Music
Whether you live in Las Vegas or somewhere else and are planning a wedding, there are many things to consider to make your special day its  most memorable - after all, you want it to be an occasion you'll never forget.  One thing you definitely want to do is choose Las Vegas wedding music that will enhance the mood and setting!  Music can make you sentimental, bring back old memories of that first date, give you a feeling of excitement and energy, or evoke an atmosphere of romance and sizzle.  Essentially, music sets the stage for your entire ceremony, so choose carefully!

Most people who are getting married have somewhat of a budget to adhere to, so it's important you plan everything out in advance so that there are no surprises.  Where will your ceremony be held?  If your heart is set on an outdoor garden wedding, imagine a string quartet as your Las Vegas wedding music.  If you're more of a traditionalist and prefer an indoor wedding, nearly any type of music goes - get together with your partner and determine whether you would enjoy rock, jazz, vintage Vegas,  or even a rhythm and blues band for the ceremony and wedding reception.  Keep in mind that if you intend to have a number of guests, you'll want music everyone can enjoy and perhaps dance to.

There is one downside to getting married in the "marriage capital of the world," and that is most locations offer music that is pre-recorded.  Not everyone enjoys "canned" music, and the atmosphere is much more enhanced when you have live Las Vegas wedding music.  Having a live band or music artist really enhances the mood of the room, so if you would prefer a soloist, rock, party, or jazz band, or any other genre of music, most locations are happy to accommodate you - after all, it is your wedding, and you should be able to choose and enjoy what you listen to.

Wedding Music
Will yours be a lively occasion on which you'd love to see your guests getting out of their seats and onto the dance floor?  For many couples, a wedding is a celebration and one-time event that they want all of their friends to enjoy as much as they do.  Whether on a beach or in a private party setting, you and your friends and family intend to have a great time whether dancing to hip-hop, pop, rock, or country tunes.  When it's your wedding, anything goes whether you as a couple tend to be more conservative or love nothing better than a rowdy crowd of special friends who want to join in the celebration.

Keep in mind when planning your Las Vegas wedding that you should never be dissatisfied with your entertainment options, or be forced to endure pre-recorded music.  It's a special day that you will reminisce about for decades to come, and you want the entertainment to be as memorable as the actual ceremony.  Choose professionals who can provide not only the music, but who will set the perfect mood for a perfect day.

Don't settle for average on your special day!  At Ents LLC, we offer Las Vegas wedding music that leaves a wonderful and lasting impression.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Special Event Entertainment Can Make Every Special Occasion or Celebration a Success

Las Vegas Wedding
Every celebration or special occasion deserves entertainment that guests will find engaging and enjoyable.  What anniversary, wedding reception, 50th birthday celebration, prom, or other occasion doesn't deserve something extra?  Special event entertainment can make any celebrated event a huge success, not only for the hosts but the guests as well.

Some things you should consider before choosing special event entertainment is the event itself, average age of those who will be attending, and theme, if any.  For instance, if you're having your wedding reception on a beautiful, secluded beach, it would be proper to have a rock group perform some of the favorite tunes of your guests.  For a 50th birthday celebration, a comic or impersonator may be in order.  When prom rolls around, the kids would probably enjoy a deejay to spin their favorites tunes and keep the party lively, or live music.

Bands and deejays

Recorded music has its place, certainly, but live music or a deejay with a fun personality makes things much more interesting and enjoyable.  Because the members of a band or a deejay are live beings, it adds more spark and excitement to the atmosphere.  Still, you should keep the purpose of the celebration or occasion in mind.  If you're looking for special event entertainment for a reserved, elegant wedding reception, for example, you may want to consider string instruments or piano music.

Special Events Entertainment

New Year's eve is just around the corner, and many people host private parties at their own homes.  Sure, it's fun to have a few adult beverages, some finger foods, cheese dip, and listen to some music as the New Year grows closer - but wouldn't it be great to have an impersonator, comedian, or illusionist to liven things up even more?  Your New Year's eve party will be the talk of the neighborhood when everyone spreads the word at work about how they had a blast at the party.  Holidays are always a good time for a get-together or company party, but the entertainment you provide can make the difference in a celebration that's just like all the others in previous years, and one that guests will remember and reminisce about for years to come.

Weddings, engagement parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, holidays, proms, anniversaries, even bar mitzvah’s - all of these occasions and special celebrations can be ordinary, or they can be extraordinary and memorable.  Special event entertainment can transform any occasion from fizzle to sizzle!

At Ents, we offer a wide array of special event entertainment options for every need, from live bands and wedding music to deejays and illusionists, cirque style entertainment, comedians, impersonators and more.  Don’t settle for less than the best for your event or celebration! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Liven Up Your Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate Event Entertainment
Anyone who has attended corporate events in the past know they can be downright boring - and the same can be said for the entertainment.  Not all that long ago, corporate event entertainment consisted for the most part of taking a client out to dinner, or having a buffet for the employee Christmas party, everyone bringing a dish for the feast.  Maybe not boring, but certainly lacking in excitement!

For the most part, company or corporate events typically fall into three categories.  Some are held on the company property, while other events include days away from the office as staff attend major entertainment or sporting events.  Other times, a special trip may be organized so that a specific group of people (such as management) enjoy a long weekend away at a lakeside cabin or resort. 

Most of the time, corporate events are held either on company grounds, or at a nearby restaurant or hotel.  Some events are designed for employee enjoyment, while others are meant to promote a new product or service.  Regardless, those who attend deserve to enjoy entertainment that is REALLY entertaining, whether it's in the form of a corporate band, comedian, cirque style entertainment, a deejay, or impersonator. 

When considering corporate event entertainment, take into consideration the age and interests of your staff or those who will be attending.  For instance, if the majority of those who will attend are in their 50s, they would likely enjoy some good old rock music from the 70s and 80s.  Rhythm and blues, jazz, and strings are good choices for nearly any age.  If your group is older, a horn band or some vintage music may be in order.

Party Entertainment

Impersonators and comedians are good for all ages; after all, who doesn't enjoy a good laugh?  When it comes time for that summer employee picnic, it's great to cater some barbecue in, but why not increase the enjoyment factor with some live music or a deejay to spin a few tunes while everyone enjoys great food and conversation?

Instead of having your staff dread an upcoming event, why not spice things up a bit and make it so that those in your employ actually look forward to it?  Whether for staff members or staff and their spouses, you can be known as the employer who hosts events that may not only be educational or informative, but fun and memorable!

At Ents, we offer corporate event entertainment for every need, making those meetings, parties and group occasions something that will be highly anticipated rather than dreaded. You might also want to take a look at our corporate entertainment ideas page.  Let us liven up your events!